New York

Even though I live in the Pacific northwest now. I attended and graduated from the Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony as a Spiritual Counselor and an Ordained Interfaith Minister in New York. I lived and worked on Long Island for many years and have built many connections and friendships in the area. Because I love going to New York, I have created a special program for those who would like for me to Officiate for their wedding.

Packages start at 950 dollars however, this does includes my air fare and travel while I am there. It is important to book as soon as possible. Due to travel and logistics the package is non-refundable.

Here is the information you may need to get your wedding license. Remember, unlike Washington you must both appear in person before any town or city clerk in the state. The marriage license is valid for 60 days after issuing meaning we will need to perform your wedding before that time. As of November 21st the cost is 40 dollars.

However, if you want will have your service within New York City the license will need to be issued by the City Clerk of the City of New York, please contact the New York City Clerk’s Office for current fees and requirements and more infomation. The City Clerk’s Office can be reached at (212) 669-2400 or via their web site at New York City Marriage Bureau and

Tips: Remember if you have been married before you may must to show a certified copy of the Decree of Divorce or a Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage to the clerk issuing the marriage license.

Name Changes: Decide before hand if you will be changing you name as this information will be entered on your the wedding license. For resources to change your name after marriage see this page.

For other Spiritual and Interfaith ministers in New York contact the Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony at (631) 424-2929. Also, Rev. Deb Viola does lovely weddings as well and is Located on Long Island. I also recommend Rev. Ann Lamendola, Rev. Katherine Barley, Rev. Connie Barley and more to follow~ 🙂

Blessings and Congratulations on your Engagement!