Name Change

To change your Name or not to change your name… If you choose to change your name here are some resources to help you.

Recomended Service to Change Name after Marriage
If all the paperwork makes you dizzy can help with changing your name. They will contact all the various agency’s on your behalf for a very low fee (currently, 29.95) including social security, dmv, utilities, creditors etc. They do have some great resources on their site even if you do not choose to use their service their website may be beneficial in your process of changing your name.

Do it yourself here’s the information

How to Change your Name with Social Security after MarriageSocial Security Name Change information

You can download the form ss-5 Application for a Social Security card to change your Name Here

Changing your name on your Drivers License

Change your Drivers License after you get married Here's the infoWashington State DMV Licensing Name Change : Here is what is posted on the site:

If you have officially changed your name and would like your new name to appear on your driver license, bring proof of identification and the $10 fee to a driver licensing office.

Passports, Visa's and Name Change after getting marriedPassports, Name Change and Visa Information

Unfortunately, here in Seattle we do not have overnight or rush services for passport’s or a VISA’s If you’ve been so busy with your wedding preparations and have forgotten to mail away for your passports and visa’s. I could not recommend another service more highly than Bay Document Services. Personally, I had to get a rush on a VISA for a trip to Brazil and after contacting many, places Bay made it happen and didn’t even charge me an arm and a leg. I was so nervous and made mistakes. But, they went out of their way to get my visa on time! Bay Passport Services

Here is The Official US Gov Passport Page

Also, Depending on where you are traveling to you may want to register with the US Embassy and Check out the US State Department’s International Travel Page for the country you are visiting. I found it surprisingly helpful.

After you are Married here’s a few more places you may need to notify:

  • Policies- Health Insurance, Wills, Work Beneficiary’s and Auto
  • Credit Cards-
  • Utilities- Gas, Water, Cable, Etc…
  • Phone and Cell
  • Post Office
  • Memberships- Book Clubs, Organizational Memberships etc.

Some suggest that you may want to consider some form of Identity Protection such as Life Lock while your transitioning into your new Mrs. Married name for extra protection.