marriage-certificateThe State of Washington Marriage License Requirements are done county by county please visit the county that you live in or you would like to get married in.

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Washington County listings of counties I officiate in and the links to the Wedding License Area for Each County.

Certified Copies of your License

I recommend waiting a week and then mailing in the form that was given to you by the county to get Certified Copies of your marriage Certificate. I recommend that you request a minimum of two copies. Also see our article: How to Change your name after you get married page

King County Vital Records Search:  To see if your Marriage License has been processed

You have two months to mail away for your copy of your marriage license after that time you will need to go throgh the Vital Records

In most counties you have almost 4 Months to send in for the Certified Copy of your Marriage License to the County where you were granted your Marriage License. However, if 4 Months has past you can Get Certified Copies of your Marriage License from the State of Washigton Vital Records Records (all counties): Or Call (360) 236-4313 in with your credit card. (This is much, much more expensive than the county copies so consider sending in the form to the county right away.) The state has finally set up an online ordering system through VitalCheck you can order it Online HERE

By Mail: Print and Mail in this form

Include how many copies you want the fee’s and Mail it to:

Center for Health Statistics

Department of Health

PO Box 9709

Olympia WA 98507-9709