Question: Are you really a minister or did you get your certification from one of those free sites on internet?

Answer: Yes! I am a real ordained interfaith minister! I attended the Sanctuary of Peace and harmony in New York for two and a half years. I graduated and was ordained in 2004 on Long Island, New York

Question: What kind of Minster are you?

Answer: I am an Interfaith minister, a large part of my studies at the Sanctuary was spent learning about many faiths and religions. Many couples who are of different faiths or backgrounds seek out Interfaith Ministers because part of our education is learning how to create wedding ceremonies that honors both traditions.

Question: But, I’m not religious will you still marry us?

Answer: This is an interesting question because I do not consider myself to be “religious” I consider myself to be spiritual. However, being a spiritual person I do prefer to add an element of sacredness or spirituality to the wedding ceremony. Ultimately up to the couple as it is not my day or about me it is your day.

Question: How do I get my marriage license?

Answer: I have covered this information in detail on this page: How to get your wedding license Please remember in Washington there is a three day waiting period. This is a FULL 72 hours so you can get married on the fourth day.

Thank you for your interest if you have any questions you’d like to ask please comment or contact Rev. Lorrie Jean